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Canyons, Lakes and Wildlife Deal!
Minimal Activity
June-Oct Season
Daily Departure
Varying Duration
All ages Ages
Price: $183.00 Adult $100 Child Adults save 10%!
Call to Book Office Hours: 07:00 - 18:00 or BOOK NOW

Canyons, Lakes and Wildlife Deal!

Summer Tours

Maligne Valley “Wonders of Jasper”

Our exploration will include a stop at Maligne Canyon for a gentle guided walk to the first two bridges above the gorge, a short stop at the “disappearing” Medicine Lake, and finally  Maligne Lake.  Boat Cruise included.


Discover Jasper and it’s Wildlife

Knowledgeable guides will tour you through Jasper and the surrounding area in search of elk, deer, big horned sheep, mountain goats, foxes, coyotes, wolves, moose, and more! Be sure to have your camera ready to capture some great photos of Jasper’s beautiful scenery and wildlife!

*Due to time constraints these tours cannot be booked on same day.  Multi-day selection is provided through our Book Now option.  Please note these tours cannot be booked together until the Maligne Lake Boat Cruise is operational.  This is typically the last week of May.  

Our Maligne valley adventure is a must for visitors to Jasper National Park! Departing the Jasper townsite you will experience many of Jasper’s most visited viewpoints. From Maligne Canyon and Medicine Lake, all the way to Maligne Lake itself. Our knowledgeable Jasper tour guides will inspire you with their knowledge – but the scenery will astound you!

This half-day tour includes a gentle walk along the top of Maligne gorge, multiple photo stop opportunities and is punctuated by a scenic boat cruise to world famous “Spirit Island”.  

Departure: Daily 8:30 am
Duration: 5-6 Hours

Wildlife Discovery Tour

Haven’t experienced enough of Jasper? Our 3 hour interpretive Jasper Wildlife Tour will present you with the opportunity to view some of the more exciting residents of the park; big horned sheep, moose, wolves, bears and much more…

Our knowledgeable local guides will tour you around Jasper and area in search of the big 5, all the while providing you with a greater understanding of the history, geography and geology of the region. Have your cameras ready, you do not want to miss out.

Both tours can be booked on the same day or you may choose to split the activities up over several days at your convenience. 

Departure: Daily 5:30 pm
Duration: 3-3.5 hours