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Covid-19 Information

Red Arrow - Calgary Connector

Year 'round Season
Mon-Thurs-Fri Departure
Varying Duration
All ages Ages

This service operates Monday, Thursday and Friday ONLY in conjunction with the Red Arrow service between Edmonton and Calgary.  Currently this service only operates from Jasper to Calgary us bus times do not match up for Calgary to Jasper.

Jasper to Calgary

Jasper → Hinton → Edson → Calgary

7:00 am

Depart Jasper

8:20 am

Depart Hinton

9:30 am

Depart Edson

12:00 pm 

Depart Edmonton

3:35 pm

Arrive-Calgary Airport

4:05 pm

Arrive-Calgary Downtown

**This service is operated in Conjunction with Red Arrow Service between Edmonton and Calgary.  You will be dropped at the Red Arrow Station Edmonton Downtown at 11:45 am and depart the station with Red Arrow at 12:00 pm to your final destination.


Calgary to Jasper 
*Not currently operating*

Calgary → Edson → Hinton → Jasper

10:00 am

Depart-Calgary Downtown

10:30 am

Depart-*Calgary Airport 

2:45 pm

Depart Edmonton

6:15 pm

Arrive Edson

7:15 pm

Arrive Hinton

8:00 pm

Arrive Jasper

This service is operated in Conjunction with Red Arrow Service between Calgary and Edmonton.  Your layover in Edmonton will be 1.45 hours.  You will arrive in Edmonton at 1:50 pm and depart the Red Arrow Station Edmonton Downtown at 2:45 wtih SunDog and transported to your final destination. 

*The Red Arrow Customer Service Desk at Calgary International Airport is located in the Ground Transportation area on the Arrivals Level between Door #4 & #5 in the Domestic Terminal. The Coach pick up area is at Lane 11 , which is located on the Arrivals Level outside of Door #2. For passengers disembarking @ YYC, the drop off will be done on the departure level.


Jasper- Calgary Downtown or YYC-$149.00
Hinton-Calgary Downtown or YYC-$129.00
Edson- Calgary Downtown or YYC-$119.00

*Gst not included in price