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Valleys Lakes and Peaks Deal!

Minimal to Moderate Activity
Summer Season
Daily Departure
Varying Duration
All ages Ages
Price: $175.50 Adult $95 Child Adults save 10%

Explore the magnificent Maligne Valley and get a birds eye view of the surrounding region of Jasper on this unique combination of tours.¬† Your SkyTram experience is at your leisure while the “Wonders of Jasper” tour is an interpretive tour with guide and luxury vehicle


This amazing tour is a guided interpretive drive up the Maligne Valley. Our exploration will include a stop at Maligne Canyon for a gentle guided walk to the first two bridges above the gorge, a short stop at the ‚Äúdisappearing‚ÄĚ Medicine Lake, and finally ¬†Maligne Lake. At this picturesque gem of the Canadian Rockies you will relax aboard the famous Maligne Lake boat cruise to Spirit Island.¬† The Maligne Valley Tour is mainly a nature, scenic, and geological voyage but it is also an excellent opportunity to see some of Jasper‚Äôs wildlife. ¬†90 minute boat cruise included in price.

Departure: Daily 8:30 am
Duration: 5-6 Hours

Jasper Skytram Summer Schedule 2019

*Shoulder Season April 28th-May 17th & September 4th-October 14th

Jasper Hotels to Jasper Skytram

Sawridge Hotel 9:00/9:15* 11:30 13:45  
Marmot Lodge 9:00/9:15* 11:30 13:45  
Tonquin Inn 9:00/9:15* 11:30 13:45  
Chateau Jasper 9:05/9:20* 11:35 13:50  
Jasper Inn 9:05/9:20* 11:35 13:50  
The Crimson 9:10/9:25* 11:40 13:55  

Jasper Adventure Centre 611 Patricia St.

9:15/9:30* 12:00 14:00  
Mount Robson Inn 9:20/9:35*  12:05 14:05  

Jasper Adventure Centre to HI Hostel/Skytram
9:15/9:30*    10:30   11:45   14:00     15:15     16:15    17:30*

Skytram/Hostel to Jasper Downtown
9:30/9:45*    10:45   12:00   14:15     15:30  16:45   18:00*

*last shuttle to town

Jasper Downtown (Jasper Adventure Centre) to Jasper Park Lodge
10:00   11:00   12:15   14:30     15:45     17:00   18:15

Jasper Park Lodge to Jasper Downtown and Skytram
10:15  11:15   15:00   16:00   17:15

Jasper Park Lodge to Jasper Downtown ONLY
12:30    18:30

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