5 Epic Bucket List Items You Can Check Off in Jasper, Alberta

5 Epic Bucket List Items You Can Check Off in Jasper, Alberta

Happy goat in Jasper Alberta
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written by SunDog Transportation and Tour Co.

1. Dogsledding

Dog sledding during a Jasper, Alberta winter tour.

Dogsledding is a unique experience full of adventure. You’ll be able to venture deep into the Canadian Rockies and experience the quiet, peaceful atmosphere of a winter wonderland. This SunDog tour will have adventurers exploring the beauty of Alberta’s wilderness while travelling in ancient style. You’ll see the breathtaking Rocky Mountains in all their snowy glory, spot the Alberta wildlife, and do it all with a memorable travelling experience.

SunDog Tours’ Dogsledding Tour is located just outside of Jasper and is the closest dogsledding tour that guests can experience from the park. Guests will need to travel a little over an hour to get to where the tour takes place, but it’s well worth the drive while on your Jasper trip. If you’ve ever been curious about dogsledding, booking a trip to Jasper National Park will give you the chance to finally try it.

2. Icewalk Tour

Have you ever wanted to feel like you’ve stepped back in time to the Ice Age? If so, an Icewalk Tour with SunDog Tours is your chance. This Maligne Canyon Icewalk Tour allows you to explore the Maligne Canyon during one of its most majestic times of the year. The tour will take you to incredible sights of frozen waterfalls, ice caves and awe-inspiring ice formations. It’s also an excellent opportunity to learn all about the fascinating history of the area, including Jasper’s Maligne Valley, Karst topography and the mystery of the disappearing Medicine Lake. The Icewalk Tour is an absolute must to add to your bucket list for a remarkable adventure.

SunDog Tours also offers great bundling packages where you can combine an Icewalk Tour with a delicious Foodie Tour, a Train Tour, or a Wildlife Discovery Tour, so that you can cross even more off your bucket list at once. “Journey back” to the Ice Age and see rare sights with an Icewalk Tour while on your trip to Jasper.

3. The Canadian Rocky Mountains

The highway to Jasper National Park
Jasper, Alberta is one of the most stunning places to view the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

There’s a reason why the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks are a Unesco World Heritage site; they’re a breathtaking sight to behold and have even inspired thousands of beautiful paintings and pieces of art. Jasper National Park is also under this Unesco World Heritage site status, and it is well-deserved. Extending over 11,000 square kilometres, it’s the largest of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks. Along with being part of the famous Canadian Rockies, the park also has impressive icefields, plenty of wildlife and natural beauty.

The park is an ideal place to visit if you’re hoping to lay your eyes on some of the world’s most stunning mountains. If seeing the Rocky Mountains in their full glory is on your bucket list, booking a trip to Jasper National Park this winter is an excellent way to check it off your list.

4. Travel By Train

Travelling by train is something of a novelty in the modern age; it’s rare to see a passenger train for long-distance travel. And while there are plenty of subway trains, it’s simply not the same as the leisurely style of travelling that it used to be. But if you’re craving a nostalgic style of travel, then a Winter Jasper Train Tour is the experience for you.

These train tours from SunDog are offered year-round, but the winter train tours are some of the most special. Through the peaceful fall of snow and quiet hush that falls over the park, you’ll travel alongside the mighty Fraser River and see exquisite sights like Mount Robson (the tallest peak in the Canadian Rockies), majestic wildlife and more.

If you’ve ever wanted to travel in style and take a relaxing tour of Jasper, then the Winter Jasper Train Tour should be the next item on your bucket list.

5. Seeing Wildlife in Their Natural Habitat

There’s something truly extraordinary about seeing wild animals in their natural habitat. If you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of moose, bears, or elk in the wild, then the Jasper Wildlife Discovery Tour is your chance.

SunDog Tours offers both a summer and winter tour to see Jasper’s wildlife. Both tours give guests plenty of opportunities to see different wildlife depending on the season. If you’ve ever wanted to see a wild grizzly bear, your chances of spotting one on the summer wildlife tour are high. But if you want to explore the park in a tranquil, snowcovered setting, the Jasper Winter Wildlife Discovery Tour is a unique way to see the park and the abundance of wildlife.

On the winter wildlife tour, you’ll have the chance to see wild animals like:

  • Elk
  • Deer
  • Sheep
  • Goats
  • Coyotes
  • Wolves
  • Moose
  • And more

And although bears generally move into hibernation during the colder season, there’s still a chance to have a rare spotting of one while on the winter tour, too. With expert guides to tell you all about the park and its wildlife, the Winter Wildlife Discovery Tour is a fun adventure to add to your bucket list.

Whether you want to spot a wild moose in action or take a leisurely train tour through the park, Jasper National Park is full of epic bucket list opportunities to add to (and cross off) your list this winter season. If you’d like to find out more information about SunDog’s tours, or if you’d like to book one of our specialized tours, contact us today.