5 Jasper Tours To Help You Beat The Winter Blues

5 Jasper Tours To Help You Beat The Winter Blues

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1. Maligne Canyon Icewalk Tour

A large cavern with a light dusting of snow at the base with two people standing in the middle, underneath a crack exposing bright sunlight to the cave while on a Maligne Canyon Icewalk tour in Jasper
Maligne Canyon Icewalk Tour in Jasper National Park

This gorgeous tour of the Maligne Canyon is bound to get your endorphins pumping! The Maligne Canyon Icewalk Tour is one of Jasper’s most popular winter tours that SunDog Tours offers. From awe-inspiring natural “ice sculptures” of frozen waterfalls to ice caves and dramatic rock formations, this ice walk tour is packed with wintery goodness to get you outside and help improve your mental state. You’ll also learn about Jasper’s Maligne Valley, Karst topography and Medicine Lake. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors during the Albertan winter if you don’t ski or snowboard. Exploring one of Jasper’s deepest accessible canyons will make you feel like you’re in the middle of a majestic, frozen fortress. Take a deep breath of that crisp air and refresh your mind on this Jasper ice walk tour. If this sounds like the perfect way to get active during the winter, you can book your tour here.

2. Winter Wildlife Discovery Tour

Close up of a wild mountain sheep's face and large curved horns, with brown fur and dusted with snow, while the goat is traversing through the snowy wilderness, taken on a Winter Wildlife Discovery Tour in Jasper
Winter Wildlife Discovery Tour in Jasper National Park

Nothing says “nature” quite like wild animals. And on this Jasper Winter Wildlife Discovery Tour, that’s exactly what you’ll get. With moose, deer, elk, wolves and more, there’s plenty of wildlife to spot on this tour. Expert guides will lead you to the park’s best spots for animal sightings, and you’ll also explore the natural wonders of Jasper National Park. You’ll learn all about the animals you see, and how they survive during the winter. Travelling through the Athabasca Valley, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to pull out your camera and take photos of the animals or beautiful scenery. It’s also a great tour to bring the kids if you want to make it a family adventure. With all the tour’s possibilities, wildlife and natural beauty you’ll see, this tour is an excellent way to get ahead of your winter blues and explore what Alberta’s environment has to offer. If you’d like to book this Jasper wildlife tour, click here.

3. Dogsledding

Are you looking for a true adventure to rejuvenate your mind and body? Try SunDog Tours’ Dogsledding. It’s practically a fact: dogs can help your mental health. So why not hang out with a group of them? Along with the adorable, hardworking dogs that will be pulling your sled, you’ll get to explore the wonders of Valemount, British Columbia. Travelling through pristine, snowy alpine landscapes, this tour is bound to get your energy flowing and pull you right out of your winter funk. After a brief lesson, you can choose to either drive your own team of dogs or sit back, get cozy and let someone else drive the dog sled. In either case, this is an unforgettable experience that will put you right in the thick of nature, and help stave off your winter blues. Click here to find out more about SunDog’s exhilarating dogsledding adventure.

4. Snowshoe Tour

Two individuals in warm gear and bright jackets hike with snowshoes along snowy trails in Jasper National Park while on a snowshoe tour with SunDog Tours
Snowshoe Tour in Jasper National Park

SunDog’s Snowshoe Tour is an excellent way to get out in the snow and refresh your senses. A true physical activity to get your blood flowing, exploring the snowscapes of Jasper National Park with snowshoes is a fun and revitalizing winter activity. With knowledgeable guides, you’ll get to learn all about the area’s history, search for animal tracks, spot wildlife, listen for enchanting bird calls and more. Getting out in the snowy wilderness will help you get in touch with nature, your senses and reduce your stress. By pushing yourself with some physical activity and reconnecting with the natural world, you’ll find this tour especially helpful for keeping active and mentally stimulated during the winter. Sounds like a fit? Book your snowshoe tour here.

5. Winter Jasper Train Tours

Jasper Train Tour travelling through a snow covered forest in Jasper National Park
Winter Jasper Train Tours in Jasper National Park

Want to experience the natural wonders of Jasper in wintertime, but need something more relaxed? Try one of the Winter Jasper Train Tours. With two unique tours, SunDog’s winter train tours are a charming way to explore the Albertan and British Columbian wilderness from the comfort of a train. Leaving from either the Dunster or McBride Stations, both tours will have breathtaking views of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The Jasper train tours will give plenty of opportunities to take photos and learn from expert guides about the area’s history, ecology and more. On the tour, you’ll get to see Mount Robson and the Robson Valley, the Fraser River, the Rocky Mountains and the Cariboo Mountains. An excellent way to destress and see Jasper’s marvels, these winter train tours are a must-see. Beat your winter blues with a more relaxing activity and book a Winter Jasper Train Tour today.

Two people stand close together while under a rock outcropping covered with large icicles and snow in a snow covered  landscape with surrounding trees, taken on a Jasper winter tour.
Try a Jasper Winter Tour this season and experience all that it has to offer.

Don’t let winter hold you back! If you need a boost for the colder months, getting outside and getting active is one of the best ways to help restore your energy and mood. Take advantage of the natural beauty that Alberta has to offer and check out these SunDog tours this winter season.