5 Spectacular Things You Will See on a Jasper Train Tour

5 Spectacular Things You Will See on a Jasper Train Tour

Happy goat in Jasper Alberta
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Mount Robson

On your Jasper Train Tour, you will visit Mount Robson. Known as the tallest mountain in the Canadian Rockies, Mount Robson extends 3954 metres or 12,975 feet high! Not only is this mountain a must-see because of its height, the face of Mount Robson is also unique. Rings of different shades run around the face of the mountain—giving it the name “The Mountain of the Spiral Road”. The rings wrap around the mountain in a stunning formation, intertwining within curves and edges. With snow-covered peaks, the mountain illustrates a picturesque scene that can be experienced in a whole new way on a Jasper Train Tour.


bears on jasper wildlife discovery tour
A bear and her cub in Jasper National Park, Alberta

Jasper National Park is bursting with wildlife, which is why Jasper Train Tours provide excellent opportunities to see wildlife in their natural habitats. Some of the many animals you may see while on the tour are bears, deer and elk. There’s no better place to spot wildlife than from the safety of a train or SunDog Tours vehicle. Not only will you have the chance to spot wildlife, but you’ll also learn about the wildlife found in Jasper from your SunDog Tours guide. As the region has a rich history, geology and ecology, you’ll have the opportunity to get some fascinating information from your tour guide.

Rearguard Falls

A closer view of Mount Robson's peak, just above the Jasper Train
Mount Robson, a sight to behold on the Jasper Train Tour.

On your train tour journey, Rearguard Falls is one of the natural beauties you’ll have the chance to see. This spectacular viewpoint provides guests with the opportunity to experience the uppermost part of the salmon run along Fraser River. The Chinook are the largest of the Pacific salmon and can be seen leaping into the rushing water. Returning to their spawning territory, these salmon travelled over 1200 kilometres upstream from their estuary in British Columbia’s lower mainland to Rearguard Falls. With a rich ecology, this area provides beautiful views and sounds of rushing water. The falls are a sight to see with a backdrop of soaring mountains and towering trees.

Moose Lake

As the green of the trees dips into the blue of the water, reflections of the mountains can be seen on Moose Lake. The lake is surrounded by massive jack pine, aspen and white birch trees that line the water with a colourful wave of green. Home to around 100 bird species, Moose Lake provides a sandy beach and serene sounds of nature. On a Jasper Train Tour experience, you’ll be able to adventure Moose Lake and see the wonderfully unique birds for yourself. Watch as the calm water illustrates images of the surrounding nature, offering exquisite photo opportunities.

Historic Sights

The Jasper Train travelling through snow-covered land in Jasper National Park
Even covered in snow, Jasper National Park is a must-see in any season.

Dunster is a small farming community located in British Columbia. On the Dunster Jasper train tour, you’ll visit this charming town and experience its lively community. The historic town is nestled within the Robson Valley, between the peaks of the Rockies and Cariboo Range. With fresh local produce on display at farmer’s markets and delightful shops in the downtown core, Dunster is a true Canadian treasure. Both Jasper train tours will take visitors through Dunster to visit all of the quaint yet scenic sights that this town has to offer.

The Jasper train tours that SunDog offers an adventure through many memorable sights, providing guests with exclusive views that can only be seen by train. The two tours offered are the McBride Train Tour and the Dunster Train Tour. To learn more about these tours, or to look through our other tour options, visit our website for additional information.