7 Spectacular Animals You Could See on a Jasper Wildlife Tour

7 Spectacular Animals You Could See on a Jasper Wildlife Tour

Happy goat in Jasper Alberta
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written by SunDog Transportation and Tour Co.

At SunDog Tours, you have the opportunity to see a variety of spectacular animals from the safe and respectful proximity of a comfortable vehicle, led with stories and information by one of our expert guides.

Remember to bring your camera for the photo opportunities – here are 7 animals you could see on a Jasper wildlife tour.

Bald Eagles

two bald eagles sit on a branch against a bright blue skied backdrop
Bald eagles in their natural habitat.

If you’re visiting Jasper National Park from outside of North America, the prospect of a bald eagle sighting can be particularly enticing. Bald eagles are the only eagle that only lives in North America, according to Canadian Geographic.

Bighorn Sheep

Two bighorn sheep face each other in a green field
Bighorn sheep are a frequent sight in Jasper National Park

Also known as mountain sheep, these epically-horned ruminant animals are frequently seen by visitors to Jasper National Park year-round. The dramatic, rounded ram horns can weigh as much as thirty pounds (13 kilograms)!


Two wolves in the forested-green background
You’ll never forget the first time you heard a wolf’s howl.

When it comes to the wolf pack, communication is key. The stirring, unforgettable sound of a wolf’s howl is the channel they use to locate members of the pack or gather momentum before heading out together on a hunt (much like a sports huddle before a big game). It also acts as a warning to neighbouring packs to steer clear. Learning about wolves as pack animals is fascinating. On a SunDog Wildlife Tour, you might get the chance to hear their incredible sound of the wild.


On a Jasper wildlife tour, you can have the opportunity to see for yourself the true enormity of moose. As the largest members of the deer family, this striking species typically eats around 73 pounds (33 kilograms) of the buds of plants a day in the winter, remarkable given the limitations of what is edible in winter. They take the feasting down a notch in the summer to approximately 34 pounds ( 15 kilograms) of shrubs, woody plants, and aquatic vegetation. Thank you Mental Floss for the jaw-dropping moose facts!


A female deer looks at the camera, with its body partially hidden by brush
Make sure to have your camera at the ready for opportunities to capture the elusive deer.

It’s important to our tour guides that the natural environment of Jasper’s wildlife is not disturbed. Not only is it crucial for maintaining healthy and stable populations of the species that have made this region their home, but because it affords us the quiet, memorable moments when we do get to see animals such as deer in their habitat. Deer can be elusive and understated in comparison to the gigantic presence of moose, but they are fascinating all the same. Did you know deer are the only group of animals in the world that have antlers? Every year, antlers fall off and regrow, becoming coated in a furry substance called velvet. Velvet contains nerves and blood vessels, which make fast growth possible.

Mountain Goats

Two white mountain goats grazing with snow-capped mountains in the background
From the comfort of a guided tour, you can view mountain goats in their natural habitat.

Don’t laugh, but: mountain goats aren’t actually goats! As members of the Bovidae family, mountain goats are associated with antelopes, gazelles, and cattle.


A coyote stalks at the edge of a snowy creek.
Coyotes are spectacular to see during your Jasper wildlife tour.

The name coyote comes from an Indigenous word meaning “barking dog”, and if you get the chance to see a coyote during your Jasper wildlife tour, you are sure to recognize the similarities between these canines. Your Jasper wildlife tour with SunDog Tours provides a safe and exciting way to see animals such as the coyote that have inhabited this region for thousands of years.

What will you see on your Jasper wildlife tour?

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