How Many Days Do You Need in Jasper National Park?

How Many Days Do You Need in Jasper National Park?

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written by SunDog Transportation and Tour Co.

Jasper National Park has an abundance of scenic trails, wildlife and tasty local food. While visiting, you’ll want to make sure you get the most out of your time, so we’ve provided three itineraries to make that happen. Whether it’s a one, three- or five-day trip, these itineraries will have you enjoying and adventuring all that Jasper has to offer.

One-Day Visit

Even if you’re only able to visit Jasper for a day, there’s still so much you can fit in. We’ve highlighted two options that you can use to plan or day-trip, or pick and choose from both as you see fit.

Option 1: SunDog’s $99 Guided Hike & Wildlife Deal is perfect for day trips, as it combines two tours into one. Start your day exploring the deepest accessible canyon in the Canadian Rockies during the Maligne Canyon Hike. Then, discover Jasper’s secret gems and view wildlife in their natural habitat while on the Wildlife Discover Tour. Finish your day with dinner at Fiddle River, Jasper’s premier seafood restaurant that serves fresh fish, seafood, wild games and Alberta AAA Angus beef.

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Option 2: Departing at 8:30 a.m., the Maligne Valley “Wonders of Jasper”  tour is a five-hour adventure with stops at the Medicine Lake, Maligne Lake and the Maligne Canyon. After returning from the day-tour, grab a bite to eat at Jasper’s authentic Italian restaurant, Cassio. To end a busy day of exploring, take a captivating stargazing tour at the Jasper Planetarium.  

Three-Day Visit

Day One: In the morning, venture off on the Maligne Canyon Hiking Tour and explore Jasper’s Maligne Valley, Karst topography and the mystery of the disappearing Medicine Lake. Then, reach new altitudes on a ride with Jasper Skytram. Enjoy lunch at Summit Café and discover wildlife while walking along the scenic trails. Along the tails are various viewpoints that provide great photo opportunities. End your night gazing upon the stars during a telescope experience under the darkest night sky in the Rockies.

Day Two: After a busy day exploring Jasper by foot, take a canoe tour at Pyramid Lake with Wild Current Outfitters. With guided tour options, family adventures and canoe rentals, you’re bound to have a unique experience while venturing through Jasper’s spectacular waters. Experience the taste of local ingredients while dining at Harvest Food & Drink. From shareable appetizers to delicious main courses, Harvest serves quality food with friendly service.  

Day Three: Beat the crowd and experience the peaceful sounds of the early-morning during the Sunrise Sightseeing & Wildlife Tour. Enjoy a coffee or tea with a light breakfast while witnessing the illuminating light off the water, mirroring reflections of snow-capped peaks. After returning from your morning adventure, rent an E-Bike to venture through the mountains. Jasper is home to hundreds of kilometres of bike trails ranging from easy to difficult. Biking is a great activity that can be done alone, with a partner, or with the whole family.  

Two individuals biking in the fields of Jasper National Park

Five-Day Visit

Day One: Spend the first day at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, and explore their spa, golf and dining facilities. While in the area, visit Lac Beauvert to see the stunning views of this renowned lake. Stroll along the lake beside Jasper Park Lodge and enjoy the multicoloured waters that reflect picturesque images of the surrounding mountains. Take a Jasper Wildlife Discovery Tour to end your day of sight-seeing with exciting views of wildlife that call the park home.

Day Two: For a relaxing day in Jasper National Park, take a day-trip to one of the park’s spectacular beaches. Lake Annette, Lake Edith and Pyramid Lake provide guests with dreamy views of sandy beaches surrounded by remarkable mountains. The lakes offer different amenities to guests including picnic tables, wheelchair and stroller-friendly trails, and playgrounds. Whether you’re swimming in the turquoise water or sunbathing on a dock, Jasper’s beaches are a treasure that must be explored.

Day Three: Explore the stunning glaciers on a hike or tour of the Athabasca Glacier. Make sure to check out the magnificent waterfalls of Athabasca Falls, Sunwapta Falls and Tangle Falls during a self-driven tour through the area. Stop at the nearby Glacier View Lodge for a lavish dining experience with amazing views of the glaciers.

Day Four: Start your day discovering Jasper’s colourful history on a Morning 1939 Historic Jammer Tour. Visit some of the park’s most spectacular destinations on SunDog’s refurbished 1939 “Jammer”, open-air sightseeing bus. The tour makes for a perfect morning adventure and includes short walks and a delicious light breakfast. Later in the day, embark on a thrilling white-water rafting experience. From scenic float tours to adrenaline-rushing white water, Whitewater Rafting Jasper has helped thousands of visitors safely experience the thrills and magnificent scenery that rafting in Jasper.

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Day Five: To end an exciting visit after adventuring all that Jasper has to offer, relax and aboard the Dunster Train Tour. This charming train and sightseeing tour offers picturesque scenes of Mount Robson, the tallest mountain in the Canadian Rockies. You’ll learn about the region’s rich history, geology and ecology from your guide.

Visit our walk-up office the Jasper Adventure Centre (JAC) at 611 Patricia Street outside for any additional information or recommendations from our knowledgeable guest services staff.