How to Get The Most Out of Your Maligne Canyon Icewalk Tour This Winter

How to Get The Most Out of Your Maligne Canyon Icewalk Tour This Winter

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Prepare In Advance

There’s nothing worse than showing up on a winter tour and being too cold or you’ve forgotten your camera. Because Maligne Canyon is especially breathtaking in the wintertime, you won’t want to miss an opportunity for great photos. If you come unprepared and are too cold or forgot some equipment, you may not enjoy your tour as much as you should. Here is a breakdown of what you’ll need to help you prepare for your icewalk tour:

1. Wear The Right Clothing & Dress Warmly

Although SunDog provides warm boots with ice cleats for the tour, you still need to wear weather-appropriate gear. As it can get very cold in Jasper during the winter, dressing accordingly means that you can better enjoy the tour without the cold interfering and be more comfortable. You’ll also want to be particularly careful with your smaller extremities, such as fingers or toes, when the weather is especially cold. While tours are weather-dependent, even when the sun is shining it can get very cold on the tour (temperatures can fall as low as -25℃ (-17℉)). Here is a recommended clothing checklist of what you should consider wearing for the tour:

  • Warm winter jacket with a hood as an outer-layer
  • Warm sweaters, such as fleece or woollen, to layer with
  • Warm shirts & undershirts
  • Snow pants (these are mandatory on tours when temperatures fall below -16℃ (3℉))
  • Long johns or thermal layering pants
  • Scarves, toques, earmuffs, gloves or mittens
  • Winter or thermal socks
  • Or any other layering or warm item you feel is necessary to keep you comfortable.

2. Don’t Forget Your Camera & Other Equipment For The Tour

Along with the right winter gear and clothing to keep you warm, you’ll also want to write down a checklist of other items you’d like to bring. Because Maligne Canyon is so beautiful during the wintertime, we highly recommend bringing a good camera to take photos of your tour.

If you do decide to take photos or videos on the tour, you’ll also want to plan that out ahead of time. Be sure to write a list of any equipment that you need to bring, such as the camera, tripods, or extra memory cards or batteries. You’ll also want to make sure your phone is fully charged for the tour, especially if you are planning on using it for photos or videos of the tour. Want advice on photographing Jasper during the winter? Read our blog post for tips on photographing Jasper National Park.

3. Pack A Snack & Water

Photo by Caroline Attwood on Unsplash

The tour usually takes about 3 to 3.5 hours, and you will have access to the Maligne Canyon Wilderness Kitchen before and after your tour for snacks. But, if you are worried about needing more food, you can certainly bring your own snacks to have along the tour. We also recommend packing a bottle of water to stay hydrated. Even though the tour is only about 3 hours long, it’s still a moderate level for physical activity, and staying hydrated or having snacks will help you enjoy the tour and keep your energy levels up.

4. Create A List Of What You’ll Need

Photo by Mike Seehagel

You should create a list of what you’ll need to bring or wear for the tour to help you keep track. Once you have a list of what you need and have your gear ready, you’ll be much more prepared and comfortable for your Maligne Canyon Icewalk Tour.

Apart from being prepared, you’ll also want to try and make the most of your time while visiting Maligne Canyon and Jasper National Park. One excellent way to do that is to add on another tour and create your own ‘personalized’ packaged tour. Not only will you get a better deal for two tours, but you’ll also get to try two excellent tours while in Jasper, Alberta.

Here are our three SunDog tour deals to book while doing your Maligne Canyon Icewalk Tour:

1. Icewalk Foodie Tour:

A plate with delicious, gourmet food sits on a table during the Downtown Foodie Tour in Jasper with SunDog Tours.

This is the ideal tour for every foodie who also wants a taste of the wild side. You’ll be able to explore the breathtaking Maligne Canyon on your icewalk tour and get to taste great food in downtown Jasper, Alberta.

Along the tour, you’ll be provided with a handpicked, surprise selection of dishes with alcoholic beverage pairings, and you’ll get to hear interesting tales about Jasper along the way. Perfect for a more adventurous date, or for those who simply adore good food, the Icewalk Foodie Tour package is an excellent choice.

Book this tour package here.

2. Icewalk Train Tour Deal:

For something with a mix of nostalgic leisure and adventurous outdoor exploration, the Icewalk Train Tour checks off all the boxes. This SunDog tour package allows you to tour Maligne Canyon and explore a little further into Jasper and even British Columbia on the Skeena Train.

You’ll see Maligne Canyon in all its winter glory, and the Canadian Rockies’ highest peak, Mount Robson. A train tour with a nostalgic feel, you’ll get the ideal mix of comfort while seeing the Canadian Rockies, and adventure while icewalking in Maligne Canyon. This tour package is the ideal choice for those who like a balance of excitement and relaxation.

Book this tour package here.

A blue, yellow and steel coloured train travels along some snow covered tracks and ground, with evergreen trees to its left and the snowcapped Rocky Mountains in the background while on a Jasper Train Tour in winter.

3. Icewalk Wildlife Deal:

As SunDog’s two most popular winter tours, it only made sense to offer them as a package deal. Now visitors can save big when they combine the Maligne Canyon Icewalk Tour and the Winter Wildlife Discovery Tour together.

Jasper National Park is full of diverse wildlife during the winter season. On your Jasper wildlife tour, you’ll get to see creatures like elk, mountain goats, wolves and more. The best of both our most popular tours, you’ll get to see both the beautiful canyon and Jasper National Park. The Icewalk Wildlife Deal is excellent for animal lovers, or for those who want to get great winter wildlife photography while on the tour.

Book this tour package here.

SunDog Tours’ Maligne Canyon Icewalk Tour: An Exciting Adventure To Try This Winter Season

Whether you’ve already booked your tour this season, or are planning too, we hope these tips help you have the best experience possible. From glorious ice formations and caves to a great physical activity during the colder months, this Jasper icewalk tour is here to impress. Book your Maligne Canyon Icewalk Tour today and fill your winter days with adventure.

A woman in a bright pink jacket and a man in a red jacket walk through some snowy caverns in Jasper National Park while on the Maligne Canyon icewalk tour and pose for winter photography