Looking For Ideas To Get The Kids Out of the House This Winter? Try A Jasper Wildlife Tour

Looking For Ideas To Get The Kids Out of the House This Winter? Try A Jasper Wildlife Tour

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written by SunDog Transportation and Tour Co.

Winter in Alberta is fast approaching, and with that comes more time with the kids indoors, stuck playing video games or watching TV, instead of staying active.

Or does it?

While it may seem like ‘mission impossible’ to get your kids excited about doing anything in the winter, there are plenty of activities to keep them off the couch. There are always things like ice hockey or curling, skiing or snowboarding, or even building snow forts for a classic snowball fight. But what do you do if your child doesn’t like sports, or has interests that don’t align with these classic Canadian pastimes?

That’s where a winter wildlife tour comes in.

Winter Wildlife Discovery Tour: A Tour for All Ages

Whether young, old, or somewhere in-between, this SunDog winter tour has things that everyone can enjoy. Vehicle-guided with minimal walking, the tour takes about three to three and half hours to complete. It is the ideal amount of activity to tire out the young ones without it being too strenuous for them to keep up.

Most children from a young age have a strong fascination with animals. With a wildlife tour, you’ll be able to connect to something they enjoy, and still put them in a learning and active environment. You’ll be able to explore the beautiful Jasper National Park with your whole family and keep everyone interested, too. Here are some of the animals you might get to see on your wildlife tour:

  • Wild sheep
  • Moose
  • Mountain goats
  • Wolves
  • Coyotes
  • Elk
  • And more

A Great Way to Get Them Moving Without Playing A Sport or Skiing

It can be tough to get your kids interested in sports if they don’t already want to, or if their friends don’t play them either. But a wildlife tour is an excellent way to get your non-sporty children outside.

As a vehicle guided tour with minimal walking, children who are less athletic won’t be discouraged by the amount of exertion like they might be with hockey or skiing, but it will still get them moving and away from their screens. It’s also an excellent activity for their friends or classmates to join for the extra bonding they would normally get through a team sport. And even sporty kids can find value in exploring the beautiful park with their friends or family and learning about the wildlife that lives there, too.

A Fun and Interactive Learning Experience

The Jasper Winter Wildlife Discovery Tour has expert guides with a wealth of knowledge to share all about the park and the wild animals that live there. Not only will kids enjoy seeing the wild animals, but they’ll also get to learn about them, too.

With a wide variety of animals that they wouldn’t normally see around their homes or cities, kids will get the chance to learn about creatures like wolves, moose, wild sheep or goats, elk and many more. A truly interactive experience, a wildlife tour is the perfect educational atmosphere.

A study from the British Journal of Sports Medicine shows that adding physical learning activities into a classroom can improve childrens’ physical activity and knowledge retention. So why not take them right to the source? A foolproof way to engage your kids in active education, you’ll hit two birds with one tour by getting them exercising and learning, too. And it’ll be something they’ll have fun doing, too.

A SunDog Tours guide dressed in a bright green jacket shows off a pair of animal goat horns to a tour group, while standing in front of a lake in Jasper national Park on a Wildlife Discovery Tour.
You’ll be able to learn plenty about the wildlife in Jasper National Park from our knowledgeable tour guides.

An Inspiration for Their Future

There are plenty of careers kids can explore that involve animals, such as veterinarian, zoologist, wildlife biologist, wildlife photographer, conservation officer and so much more. If your child has an interest in animals, why not nurture that love and take them into their natural habitat?

A winter wildlife tour will not only get them mobile during the colder months, but it could be the push they need to explore careers with animals. Let them take photos and ask questions. Offer ideas about potential jobs they could explore in the future if they like being around animals. Encourage them to explore and feed their curiosity about wildlife, and ways they can be involved, too. A wildlife tour can be just the right inspiration for their future.

Ice walk and wildlife discovery deal
A Winter Wildlife Discovery Tour might just be the inspiration they need for their future.

Try SunDogs’ Winter Wildlife Discovery Tour This Season

Taking your children on the Jasper Winter Wildlife Discovery Tour is a fun activity to get them outdoors during the cold season in Alberta. Running from October until April, the tour will keep them active and learning and can be a fun winter adventure for the whole family. If you’d like to find out more about this family-friendly tour, click here and book with SunDog Tours today.