Summer in Jasper National Park: Everything You Need To Know About Visiting Jasper During the Summer

Summer in Jasper National Park: Everything You Need To Know About Visiting Jasper During the Summer

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Summer In Jasper National Park: What Is Jasper National Park Like In The Summer?

Curious about what Jasper National Park is like in the summer?

Jasper National Park is an exciting, lively place during the summer months, and it’s an excellent time to visit. Even though we love the dramatic snowscapes and fascinating wildlife that emerges in the wintertime in Jasper, there’s nothing like looking at a beautiful lake or hiking on a warm summer day.

In general, Jasper National Park is beautiful in the summertime and full of stunning sights to see, interesting wildlife, and fun tours. However, because the park is so huge (it’s the largest national park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains at over 11,000 square kilometres) there is a wide diversity in climate and weather depending on where you are in Jasper, even in summer.

Find out more about Jasper’s weather during the summer below.

Weather in Jasper National Park During the Summer

Jasper National Park’s weather in the summer is generally warm, but milder than most areas of the Canadian interior. This is due to the fact that the park is within the Canadian Rocky Mountains, which creates a more moderate climate throughout the park. In July, usually the hottest month of the year for Jasper, the mean daily maximum temperature reaches 22.5℃ (for across the park). However, many areas of the park can get much warmer (and colder) than this during the summer, some areas even getting into the 30s depending on where you are.

Another thing to remember, too, is that the weather can change rapidly when in the mountains of the Canadian Rockies. One minute, it can be warm and sunny, the next pouring rain. For a full and current weather forecast, we recommend checking Jasper’s weather on the government website. You can also get a live webcam view of some areas in Jasper for a more visual look at the weather, including from the Jasper Skytram and Maligne Lake.

When preparing for your Jasper trip, we advise you to pack accordingly and plan for a possible change in weather during your visit.

Tips For Visiting Jasper National Park In Summer

Now that you’ve gotten the low-down on what summer is like in Jasper National Park, we want to give you our tips and tricks to help you plan the best summer adventure. Here are SunDog Tours’ tips for visiting Jasper National Park in summer.

What Are The Best Spots To Visit in the Summer in Jasper?

There are no “bad” spots to visit in Jasper National Park during the summer. We think every area is worth the visit, however with so much land to explore, it’s nearly impossible to do it all in one trip (unless you move to Jasper and live here full time as we do!)

So we thought we’d give you a quick list of some of the best spots to help you narrow down your top sights to see during your summer Jasper National Park trip:

Maligne Lake - Spirit Rocks
Maligne Lake & Spirit Island, a highlight for any trip during the summer in Jasper National Park.

What To Pack For Your Summer Trip To Jasper National Park?

Because Jasper National Park varies so much in weather and what kind of activities you can experience while visiting, you’ll want to pack accordingly. To help you prepare for your summer trip to Jasper National Park, we wanted to give you a quick breakdown of what you should pack for your visit:

  • Rainjacket and/or windbreaker
  • Water bottle and water
  • Snacks, like energy bars or trail mix (please make sure to pick up after yourself, and don’t feed the wildlife!)
  • Camera, extra batteries and memory cards
  • Comfortable hiking boots or shoes and socks (consider packing an extra pair of socks if you’re planning a long day of hiking or going anywhere wet like a lake)
  • Wide-brimmed hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Bear spray
  • Backpack (to carry everything comfortably)
  • Bug spray or bug repelling patch
  • Warmer layers (if you’re visiting during a cooler time of day, or late in the season)
A woman with a blue backpack hikes along a trail with bright coloured wildflowers in the forefront and green trees in the back in Jasper National Park.
If you’re planning to hike during the summer in Jasper National Park, be sure to pack accordingly!

What Are The Best Times to Visit Jasper National Park in Summer?

If you’re trying to avoid high-traffic and busy times of the day or trying to avoid the hottest weather, the best times of the day to visit during the summer in Jasper National Park is generally in the early morning.

Early morning usually is a bit cooler, before the sun has had a chance to make it too hot, and usually, there are fewer people visiting the park or going on tours in the early morning. Plus, many animals are more active during the cooler times of the day, as the heat will drive them towards cooler, shadier spots where it’s harder to see them, and they’ll be less active to conserve energy.

Late afternoon or in the evening can also be a bit of a cooler time to visit, but it can still be busy. Usually, booking trips during the week, such as on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, also offers a less busy time for visiting Jasper during the summer.

What Summer Jasper Tours To Book For Your Trip to Jasper National Park

Ready to plan your summer trip to Jasper National Park, but not sure what to do while you’re there? We highly recommend booking a tour to help you see all the best spots in Jasper National Park. A tour can also provide you with an expert guide who can tell you all the fascinating information about the area you’re visiting, and it can provide better transportation and navigation to help you avoid getting lost without a guide while in the park. Plus, it takes the guesswork out of planning your itinerary for the day.

If a tour sounds like the right fit for you, here’s our list of top tours to book to visit Jasper National Park in summer:

A young teenager with his hands behind his head leans back against the back of a red canoe wearing a red life jacket while on Pyramid Lake canoeing in Jasper National Park.
Canoe Adventures are perfect for the summer in Jasper National Park

If you’re looking for a tour that can be more tailored to you and what you want to see, SunDog Tours also offers private journeys to help you plan your perfect summer adventure in Jasper National Park.

A father and his daughter hold a pair of binoculars from their tour boat on Maligne lake, looking out at the lake scenery in Jasper National Park, Alberta
The Maligne Lake Boat Cruise is an excellent activity for all during the summer in Jasper National Park.

Summer in Jasper National Park: A Memorable Adventure For Everyone

Summer in Jasper National Park is one of our favourite times of the year (if you count Fall, Winter and Spring, too). There are so many things to do and see, and the beautiful weather opens up more opportunities for activities and breathtaking views. With something for everyone, no matter your age or tastes, we know that a summer trip to Jasper National Park will be a truly memorable adventure for years to come.

If you want to learn more about SunDog Tours or the summer tours we offer, be sure to check out our About Us page or browse our other summer Jasper tours for your next adventure. We also have a full Jasper Guide so you can find all the information you need in one place!