SunDog Tours’ Top 4 Tours To Explore The Canadian Rocky Mountain Lakes This Spring and Summer

SunDog Tours’ Top 4 Tours To Explore The Canadian Rocky Mountain Lakes This Spring and Summer

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1. Maligne Valley Sightseeing Tour: Maligne Lake and Medicine Lake

SunDog Tours’ Maligne Valley Sightseeing Tour is an excellent summer tour of Jasper National Park to try. In this tour, visitors are taken along a journey through Maligne Valley to explore the “Wonders of Jasper”. You’ll be taken along a guided hike of Maligne Canyon, then the tour will take you to two amazing Jasper lakes: Medicine Lake and Maligne Lake.

The “disappearing” Medicine Lake is surrounded by mystery and lore that you’ll learn all about during the tour, while the picturesque Maligne Lake offers a chance for dramatic photographs of its waters. Maligne Lake is also the largest natural lake in the Canadian Rockies, and well worth the visit alone. You’ll also get to choose to take a lake cruise of Maligne Lake to go and see Spirit Island, an icon of the Canadian Rockies, or continue along a separate hike. This Jasper tour offers ample opportunity to see the wondrous lakes of Jasper National Park.

2. Jasper to Lake Louise and Banff Tour/The Banff and Lake Louise to Jasper Tour: Lake Louise and Bow Lake

This SunDog tour lets visitors explore many sites between Banff and Jasper National Park, including Lake Louise. Famously known for its bright, turquoise-coloured waters and surrounding mountain peaks, Lake Louise is a sight to behold. The Jasper to Lake Louise and Banff Tour (or The Banff and Lake Louise to Jasper Tour) is the ultimate way to experience the top spots in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

In a one-way journey, you can choose to depart from Jasper and end your tour at either Lake Louise or Banff, or depart from Lake Louise or Banff and end your tour in Jasper. Along the way, you’ll see the famous Lake Louise and the surrounding Canadian Rockies. You’ll also get to see other highlights, including Crowfoot Glacier, Bow Lake, Athabasca Falls and much more. This full-day, bucket-list experience allows you to see some of the top features of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

3. Canoe Adventures Tour: Pyramid Lake

SunDog Tours’ Canoe Adventures Tours in Jasper is a fun, interactive experience that lets you see the beautiful Pyramid Lake from its best view: in the middle of its peaceful waters! Travelling through the waters by canoe, the tour floats you through Pyramid Lake. You’ll get panoramic views of the mountains, including Pyramid Mountain, as well as the wildlife that lives in Jasper National Park.

A small group tour, this unique experience is perfect for couples or families who want a tour of Jasper without the hassle of crowds. A Jasper lake tour that can be a fun adventure with the kids or a serene exploration with your partner, SunDog Tours’ Canoe Adventures is a wonderful Jasper National Park experience.

4. Sunrise Sightseeing & Wildlife Tour: Watch The Sunrise Over A Jasper Lake

Want to explore Jasper National Park, but don’t want to join in a crowded tour? SunDog Tours’ Sunrise Sightseeing & Wildlife Tour lets you explore Jasper National Park at a more peaceful and quiet time. This Jasper National Park tour takes visitors on an early morning hike to watch the sunrise over the lakes and mountains of Jasper. The tour will give you plenty of opportunities for photographing Jasper National Park at sunrise. With some of the best natural lighting and scenery for landscape and wildlife photography, you’ll be taking home photos that will make you feel like a professional.

Each sunrise tour will take you to different lakes depending on the guide, group and weather, providing you with a unique tour every time. Some of the possible Jasper lakes include Pyramid Lake, Patricia Lake, Medicine Lake and even Jasper Lake, with the destination chosen to best suit your group. You’ll also get to see some of SunDog Tours’ favourite spots in Jasper National Park. Perfect for photographers, those who love sunrises over a lake, or those who simply want to see the park before the rest of the world wakes up, this Jasper park tour is a truly memorable experience.

Why You Should Take A Tour of Jasper National Park And The Jasper Lakes

Jasper National Park is one of Canada’s top parks to visit. From its impressive stretch of the Rockies to its thousands of gorgeous lakes, there are so many things to do in Jasper National Park. And if you’re wanting to see as many of Jasper’s best spots as possible, a tour will help keep you organized and can take you to spots you wouldn’t see on your own.

SunDog Tours offers many different tours of Jasper that will suit a variety of tastes and styles. Not sure which ones to book, or want to squeeze in as much as possible for your trip? SunDog Tours is offering a special summer Jasper tour package where you can bundle any two or more tours* for your trip and you’ll get 15% off. Contact us today to find out more or browse our summer tours to get planning.