The Stress-Free Guide to Getting From Edmonton to Jasper by Bus

The Stress-Free Guide to Getting From Edmonton to Jasper by Bus

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written by SunDog Transportation and Tour Co.

Like any drive to Jasper National Park, such as from Calgary to Jasper, there is so much to see along the way – mountains, lakes, and wildlife.

But which mode of transportation will get you there stress-free? If you are new to the area or are visiting from out of province, driving a car might not be the most enjoyable option. Especially for large groups.

A train is a romantic-sounding option, but scheduling and availability is limited.

Taking a shuttle bus though – that may also appear to have its own set of stressors and unknowns. How frequently does the shuttle run? Can you get picked up from the airport? What about luggage limits?

That’s what this article is all about: giving you the information you need to book your trip from Edmonton to Jasper by bus with confidence, knowing you can get there safely and with plenty of opportunities to snap photos of the bighorn sheep you’ll see along the way.

Here is our stress-free guide to getting from Edmonton to Jasper by bus.

Winter driving from Edmonton to Jasper

Driving conditions can be quite unpredictable in the Canadian Rocky Mountains during the winter. Snowstorms, black ice, and weather-related accidents are a reality of driving this route.

The shuttle bus with SunDog Tours offers a safe option for getting from Edmonton to Jasper in the winter. This includes:

  • Professional drivers with extensive experience driving in harsh conditions.
  • Winterized vehicles with strict maintenance schedules and winter tires.

Summer Driving Conditions from Edmonton to Jasper

If you are planning your trip from Edmonton to Jasper during the summer, you can expect fewer weather-related disruptions, but may see an uptick in tourism-related traffic on the road, and sometimes wildlife crossing the highway.

However, from the perspective of the team at Road Trip Alberta, “we have made this drive many times, sometimes even in winter, and always without issue.” You are unlikely to experience any disruptions during your drive from Edmonton to Jasper in a shuttle bus.

Luggage Allowance

If you are planning to pack for all kinds of weather,  you’ll be relieved to know the luggage allowance on the SunDog shuttle bus includes:

  • 1 carry-on
  • 1 suitcase
  • 1 personal item

Bring your oversize luggage (snowboard/ski bags and bike boxes), and plan for a small fee ($30.00) for those items.

Schedule & Pick Up Points

SunDog Tours offers daily shuttle bus services between Edmonton and Jasper year-round. The route includes pick up points in:

  • Hinton
  • Edson
  • West Edmonton Mall/Downtown Connector.

The main departure point from Edmonton is Edmonton International Airport.

From departure to final arrival destination, the one-way trip is approximately 5.5 hours. Check the daily schedule to plan for your pick-up point.

You can also coordinate a pick-up or drop-off from any address in Jasper. Our online booking system gives you the option to choose from a variety of accommodation locations for pick-up or drop-off, or you can call to pre-book and specify the address.

Great for Locals, Too

The shuttle bus isn’t just for tourists. Jasper locals can also take advantage of the consistent schedule to get to Hinton, Edson, and major landmarks in Edmonton. It’s perfect for getting to the Edmonton airport for a holiday flight or going to West Edmonton Mall for a day of shopping.

“4 years in Jasper and I use SunDog many times, so far they never missed a schedule. Busses are clean, nice drivers and staff [are] as well”
– Rick Seto, Google Review

One Less Thing to Worry About

Booking your transportation in advance is recommended to reserve your spot on the shuttle for the day and time you wish to depart. Our online booking system makes it easy to reserve anytime and from anywhere.

Large Group Bookings for Edmonton to Jasper by Bus

SunDog Tours has lots to offer large group bookings for transportation between Edmonton to Jasper. This includes discounted rates and private transportation options.

Contact us today to book your trip, and experience how easy and convenient it can be to get from Edmonton to Jasper by bus with SunDog Tours.