Where to stay in Jasper for your Jasper National Park Adventure

Where to stay in Jasper for your Jasper National Park Adventure

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SunDog Tours’ Guide To Where To Stay In Jasper:

Places To Stay In Jasper for Families

If you’re travelling to Jasper National Park with a family and need accommodation, here are our top 2 places to stay for families in Jasper.

1. Family-Friendly Jasper Accommodation For A Unique Adventure: Pine Bungalows in Jasper

Pine Bungalows in Jasper offers a truly unique Canadian Rockies experience with its cabin rentals and lodge suites. It’s the perfect setting for a family adventure with a rustic feel. Not only are these accommodations comfortable, but they feel like you’re taken back in time, and the kids will love the sense of adventure that comes with the cabins. This great location has an onsite canteen & bistro and a communal fire pit as well to help you and your family enjoy the great outdoors. Find out more about Pine Bungalows in Jasper.

2. Family-Friendly Jasper Accommodation For Families On A Budget: Maligne Lodge In Jasper

For families on a budget for their Jasper National Park Adventure, Maligne Lodge offers comfortable accommodations at a more reasonable price. With a classic Jasper feel and plenty of amenities to go around, Maligne Lodge is an excellent option in the heart of Jasper. Find out more about the Maligne Lodge hotel in Jasper.

Two children stand by the railing on a bridge looking down at a waterfall in Jasper National Park while on a family vacation.
A family of four walk along the Skywalk, a clear pathway that stretches over a part of Jasper National Park.

With plenty of comfortable family-friendly hotels in Jasper, a family vacation to Jasper National Park is an excellent adventure.

Places To Stay In Jasper For Couples

Looking for a romantic getaway, or just want an adventure for two? Jasper National Park checks all the boxes! From luxury resorts with a romantic air to activities you’ll both enjoy, Jasper National Park offers everything you need for a romantic (but adventurous) vacation to the great outdoors. Here are SunDog Tours’ top 2 places to stay in Jasper for couples:

1. The Jasper Accommodation For Couples Who Want The Place To Themselves: Tekarra Lodge in Jasper

If a secluded oasis in Jasper’s beautiful environment is what you’re after for a romantic getaway, Tekarra Lodge in Jasper is the perfect place for you. Offering cabins and lodge rooms with a romantic, cozy vibe, Tekarra Lodge lets you feel like you have the whole park to yourself. The Lodge also has on-site dining, bike rentals, yoga sessions, live music events, romantic packages and pet-friendly accommodations, too, making it a well-rounded place to stay in Jasper. Find out more about Tekarra Lodge in Jasper.*

* Please note that the Tekarra Lodge will be closed for the winter season and will not be available until summer 2023.

2. The Jasper Accommodation For Couples Who Want To Splurge On Their Getaway: Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge in Jasper

For couples looking for a luxury weekend getaway to Jasper, the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is the choice for you. With all the luxury amenities, like the spa, multiple restaurants, a pool and hot tub, a golf course, and more, there are plenty of things to help you indulge on your couple’s getaway to Jasper. Providing comfortable, lavish accommodations with stunning views of the pristine Lac Beauvert, Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge will take your romantic weekend to the next level. Find out more about Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge in Jasper.

A heated, large luxurious pool with steam coming off and a couple swimming in it at night at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge in partnership with SunDog Tours.
A luxury hotel suite with two large beds in the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge in partnership with SunDog Tours.
The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, a luxury hotel in Jasper.

Where To Camp In Jasper National Park

To get a real taste of the national park, camping in Jasper National Park offers a unique experience you just can’t get in a hotel or lodge. If you’re hoping to camp in Jasper National Park, here are SuNDog Tours’ top 2 campgrounds in Jasper.

1. Campgrounds in Jasper National Park: Whistlers Campground in Jasper

The Whistlers Campground in Jasper is one of SunDog Tours’ favourite Jasper campgrounds. With newly refurbished full hook-up sites, 18 new washroom-shower facilities, firewood included, and the closest location to the town of Jasper, Whistlers Campground is a great option for camping in Jasper National Park. Find out more about Whistlers Campground in Jasper.*

2. Campgrounds in Jasper National Park: Wapiti Campground in Jasper

For another campground option, we love the Wapiti Campgrounds in Jasper. With winter and summer camping available, you can experience both the thrilling winters and the warm summers in Jasper. They also have electricity in some sites, firewood and bear bins, and washroom-shower facilities with cold and hot water. Find out more about the Wapiti Campground in Jasper.*

* Please note that the Whistlers Campgrounds will be closed for the winter season. The Wapiti Campgrounds will have limited availability over the winter season, and will not be at full capacity until summer.

A man in a hoodie and carrying camping gear looks out over a forest and mountains in Jasper National Park
Photo by Ali Kazal on Unsplash
Lady in red coat and brown adventure hat sitting beside wooden canoe on the shore of mountain lake overlooking mountains

Camping is a classic way to truly envelop yourself in the natural world of Jasper National Park

Visiting Jasper National Park With SunDog Tours

Jasper National Park is one of the most visited parks in Canada and for good reason. With stunning landscapes, interesting wildlife and plenty of activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during a trip to Jasper National Park. Now that you’ve narrowed down where you’d like to stay in Jasper, it’s time to plan what you’ll do once you get to the park!

If you’re looking for Jasper tours to explore the national park, check out our Jasper Summer Tours and Jasper Winter Tours to help you decide what to do in Jasper. Or, check out our blog for more ideas on what to do in Jasper.

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